Best Types of Sunglasses

Where sunglasses are the medical devices to protect your eyes from direct sunlight, they are also the most trendy fashion accessories in our dynamic society. People follow the latest trend of designer sunglasses these days, to change their attire; altering their look. You can find tremendous amount of cheap name brand sunglasses to designer sunglasses on sale in street market or flea market. This article will describe the types of sunglasses and guide you on how to choose sunglasses.

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You are here because you are thinking what shape of glasses should I wear? Choice of sunglasses mainly depends on your face shape – Oval, Round, Square or Heart. Which sunglass fit for face rely on your face shape. Here is a list of some trendy sunglasses popular among the unisex that you can buy from Lensrage store.

Aviator sunglasses:

Worn by pilots back in their day, that’s why named “Aviator” is the best choice over any other sunglasses because no matter what your attire is, they are the perfect blend of casual, party, sporty and retro fashion. Their triangular shape is suitable for every face shape. Classic aviator sunglasses for women and men have metallic frame with reflective or smoked large lenses designed to block sunlight from all angles.

Browline sunglasses:

They are a throwback to some of the classic looks of 50s and 60s making their comeback today with the rise of retro style and hipster subculture. Browline sunglasses have a thick upper portion that run across your brow and thin rims at bottom. These sunglasses are more suitable for square shaped faces.

Retro Square sunglasses:

Not sure what style to choose? These sunglasses are go-to for every face shape. With their square design and super-thick frames, gives a classic retro square style. Sometimes referred to as “Wayfarers” or “Butterfly” these are suitable sunglasses for narrow faces and best sunglasses for round face women and men, available in different varieties. They are the wardrobe essential articles for those who likes to keep their retro side close, as it never go out of fashion.

Round sunglasses:

Matt Murdock the daredevil comes to mind with this style. The frame can differ according to your style and are probably the best ultra-lightweight sunglasses for women and men. These sunglasses suits square and oval shaped faces, but not suitable for round shaped faces. They are perfect for party occasions to flaunt them.

Sport sunglasses:

These sunglasses referred to as “Shield” sometimes, are for every adventure-seekers around the globe. There are different varieties available for every sport out there. The lens can be polarized and non-polarized depending on your choice, but they are amongst the best polarized sunglasses for men and women both alike. These sunglasses made to prevent glare, UV rays and enhance your visibility.

Cat Eye sunglasses:

Upswept angles and retro frames, they were famous in the 50s worn by stars like Audrey and Marilyn. Being virtually certain, these are ladies sunglasses only and gives feminine vibes and feline prints, must have for retro lovers.

Rectangle sunglasses:

They have wider frame than being tall and works well on round faces, adding length to a short face by contrast. People with oval shaped faces can also benefit from rectangular frames with soft edges. If you are looking for a corporate look then these will be a best choice for it.

Who makes the best sunglasses?

These listed types are all top rated sunglasses for women and men out there. There are many manufacturers of some of the coolest sunglasses, who are known for stylish eye wear. Ranging from expensive to affordable prices, they have great designs. To name a few: Versace, Gucci, Tag Heuer, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, Prada, Cazal, Ralph Lauren.


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