Does travel pillow helps while traveling?

Traveling around is not an easy task although if you have a luxury car. I am not saying that having a luxury car does not help traveling easier but regular long traveling sucks. We cannot sleep comfortably and thus traveling becomes cumbersome for most of us. Recently I read about traveler pillow online and thought to try. There are different types of these pillows. One type of pillows support full neck whiles other type of pillows support neck back only. I was interested in the best travel pillow which does more than a pillow and I like it. This type of pillow is called a side pillow or travel-rest travel pillow.


This is a perfect travel pillow for me. This is equally beneficial for children and adults. Its unique and proper ergonomic shape supports backbone, neck and head; the full upper body support. It is a lightweight; weighting only 7 ounces, easily inflatable pillow and also deflates easily. Only a few breaths inflate it immediately and it get ready to support me in my journey. When it is rolled, it is only 9 inches in length and 3.5 inches round so I can store it in my briefcase easily.

I was satisfied with this pillow but I thought, what will happen if I use other type of pillows in combination with this? So, I bought 2 more pillows; one which supports full neck and the other one is like just a pillow and supports neck back only. In the first combination, I tried to use my three pillows and it felt like the best combination but as I fall asleep, it became difficult to manage the neck back pillow and I removed it. Then I had a combination of full neck pillow and the side pillow but after some time I felt that I was much more comfortable only with side pillow. Now this travel pillow is my relaxing partner while traveling and I sleep comfortably during long journeys.

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