How to buy best chainsaw for your needs

If you are considering buying a chainsaw then it is necessary to have a clear idea in your mind what you want to use with your new chainsaw. Is it for regular logging? Is it to cut the occasional tree and for the preparation of firewood? Or is it uncommon for pruning small trees and shrubs garden? Once you have all answer of these questions, you will be able to identify what type of chainsaw is right for you. A chainsaw can be divided into three basic types: gas powered electric cable and cordless. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages and each is better suited for some applications than others. I will go through these points below.

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Gas powered chain saw

These have two cycle gasoline engines. Two motor cycle fuel use a mixture with mixed oil as fuel. Oil is mixed in the fuel as lube engine oil a place to exist as separate camera with four stroke engine. These saw cutting rods (part in which turns around the chain) between about 14 and 30 inches long. Generally, the higher the cutting bar, the greater the motor must be. And, of course, with a bigger and bar motor, the heavier saw will. One of the advantages of major gas saw that can be used is virtually anywhere outdoors. These can be carried saws deeply in the forest by logging or used around the house for cutting trees. Homeowners with many chimneys stoves or choose the sierra gas as a tool for cutting firewood. While the saw is provided with gas and oil mix cutting followed. Many of these saws are designed for everyday use. They are hardy and can cut quickly 75 feet in 18 to 24 inches for tree sections division in wood. On the negative side, chainsaw gas requires some engine maintenance and, sometimes be difficult to start. Also they require only be used fan and outdoor. A disadvantage of some final driven chainsaws gas, especially dear high power is likely to be presented to relax and so the risk of injury to the operator.

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaw is ideal for use in crafts in the garage or for cutting trees and small bushes at home. Sierra requires such an outlet is near, so is not designed for use in the forest or the forest. Saws electric engines in general are a saw that less energy fuel. In addition, the court bars tend to be smaller, so these are usually lighter weight implements. Electric chain saw that are much more calm gas powered saws and so can be used in residential areas without fear to disturb neighbors. However, they are designed for use only in dry weather, so if it starts raining, the project of the day you can get to an end. With the smallest bar cutting and power, you may not possible taller largest trees using this kind of tools. Twelve more records diameter inches can be difficult to cut also with electric saw.

Cordless chainsaw

Are cordless chainsaw the calmest of the three types? Batteries and they can work with travel almost anywhere, as long as the battery is charged. These are less saws than most powerful saws gasoline and usually smaller than most wired electric models. Chain bars in cordless chainsaw ranging from 4.5 inches to 14 inches, so the majority saws cordless ideal for use to cut small branches and small woods. In addition to small bar cutting and relative lack of power, one of the largest disadvantages of this type of is that most cases battery charge only have 30 minutes to an hour or so. This means that are not ideal for prolonged work, unless you have spare battery hand. Cordless chainsaw are made for comfort, tranquility and ease of use, so, in general, this type are ideal for the gardener pruning mania with occasional jobs instead of something larger.


Therefore, considering the benefits and drawbacks outlined above, you must have a strong idea what kind of chainsaw you need best. By reading this article, you can start to investigate the different models to treat identify the best chainsaw for your purposes and your budget. Also you can visit Best Chainsaw Reviews blog too!


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