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How to create a movies calendar for a month or year

Want to see all of your favorite movies for the next month or year? Interested in planning your movies list in advance? A personal calendar can help you to see all of your favorite new movies on time. In this article, you will discover how I create my movies calendar for a month and never miss my favorite movies. Let’s get started!

printable calendar

Create a calendar
The first step in creating a movies calendar is to set everything up in a blank calendar. You can find a blank and editable calendar from printable calendar. Once on site, click on customize button. On next page, select year and month for which you want to create the calendar. The site allows you to create a monthly editable calendar.

Add Movies
The next step is to do a Google Search to find out what new movies are releasing in your desired month so you could add them to your calendar. There are dozens of lists available online. I just Googled the term “movies releasing in january 2017” and found many lists having different movies. If you are interested only in science fiction movies or adventure movies or any other specific genre you can search them too. Read the movie’s plot and check the trailer then decide if you would like to see the full movie. Now mark the release days or the days when you would have time to see those movies. I personally don’t see more than one movie in a single day and also recommend not to see more than one movie in a single day. So, try to create your calendar in such a way that you only a single movie either it is working day or weekend.


Finalize and Print
The next step is to finalize your calendar and either save it to your computer or take a printout. To finalize your calendar or generally speaking to make a colorful movies calendar, click the color customization button and select your favorite color scheme. You can select the desired color for heading background, heading fonts, weekday background, weekday fonts, calendar body background and calendar body fonts. Now add a title to your movies calendar, if you are creating different movie calendars for different genre you can give them meaningful title like Science Fiction Movies Calendar, Adventure Movies Calendar, Horror Movies Calendar, etc. If you are creating a single calendar for different genre, you can give it a title like Favorite Movies Calendar, My Movies Calendar, etc. Your calendar is ready now. You can take a printout of save the calendar to your computer.

Planning an entire month or year ahead allows you to enjoy all of your favorite movies on time and once you have created your movies calendar for the month or the whole year, you can focus on other tasks and you will never miss your favorite movies. You don’t need to research the movies for the whole month, just have a look on your movies calendar. Now you know the method so you can make your movies calendar for the next month and so on.
What do you think about these tactics to create your movies calendar? What tips can you give? Please share your thoughts in comments below.

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