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Water Proof vs Water Resistant Backpack

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Buying a backpack is always a hassle if you do not have the correct information. There are a lot of varieties available and moreover, that comes up with a lot of other options as well. With the increasing competition in the market, every manufacturer wants to sell out their product to their end customer at the lowest prices possible.

The marketers have also started playing tricks on customers with few terms like waterproof and water resistant backpacks. Now, these are two wholly different categories of backpacks. Generally, people mess up with these two types of backpacks and get confused and finally select the backpack which is more attractive.!

The waterproof backpacks are those which you can submerge into the water and yet, your goods will be safe. Imagine you going for a scuba diving with your backpack and put your iPhone into it while you dive into water.!! Don’t worry also imagine your backpack is water proof.! Relaxed, right.?

So this is what a waterproof backpack is all about. It is made up of a special type of fibers and they do not have stitches in it. Different parts of fiber are joined together to make up a backpack by Ultrasonic sound waves. As they do not have stitches, there are no big pores into the bag from where the water molecules can enter.

The fibers used here are smooth and have pores which are smaller in size as compared to the water molecules. No pores into a material are actually not feasible practically and if possible, it will cost too high for a backpack.

The other one is water resistant, where you can not soak your backpack into the water. Imagine the situation where in you are traveling on a road, again with your iPhone into your backpack and it starts raining heavily..! This time, your backpack is water resistant rather than waterproof. So a bit to worry.!

You may need to find a shelter somewhere till the rain stops. However, good quality of water resistant backpack can safe guard your iPhone in heavy rains as well for a short period of time. Usually, while you are in a public place and not a remote location, you can definitely find out a shelter in a short time and can protect your iPhone out there. If no such shelter is available you can protect your backpack with a waterproof cover over your backpack which could be carried anywhere and also it is pocket friendly.!

Almost, all the waterproof backpacks will not be as stylish as the water resistant backpacks as the material used in the waterproof backpacks are different. They might seem to be a bit rough one as compared to the water resistant backpack. Moreover, there would be a huge difference in the prices, the waterproof backpacks are costly as the material used is of high quality and moreover ultrasonic sound wave technology is used to put the pieces together to form a backpack.

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