The Teena Hicks Company is comprised of Teena Hicks and her son, James Robert Hicks. We have been located in downtown Oklahoma City since 1989. Our well-skilled tailors possess the knowledge and talent to perform any alteration imaginable. It is our passionate goal to offer a wide variety of clothing to an even wider range of clients. The ability to accomodate a host of styles, budgets and body types has allowed our business to flourish over the years. We believe in every brand we carry and personally choose all the products in our boutique. You will discover several familiar labels and probably a few not so recognizable. Enjoy our collections and remember to visit us often, new items arrive almost daily!

Why should you have a custom garment made?

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- Lucchese Boots Special Event
*Trunk Show: Thurs. Sept. 4, 2014
*Meet Brian Eden of Lucchese Classic
*Design the boot of your choice at 20% off
- Christmas Gift Returns
All returns and exchanges must be made by Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014.
- Store Hours
Mon-Fri: 9-6
Sat: 10-1
- Tailoring and Alterations
We only alter clothing purchased from our store.
- Reserved Parking
Reserved parking for our clients is located in the garage behind our building. Enter at the corner of Park and Harvey. You may use parking spots 1-11 and 1-12. Call if you have questions.
- Note to Online Customers
For your security, we have chosen to receive your credit card information by phone. All selections made by the customer creates a reservation. At that point we will contact you about the selected items.
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